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Vacuum drying chamber BKS V6-10


The device is intended for drying sawn timber using new technology, where the key element is modulated infrared radiation emitters.

The main dignity of our kilns is the ability to use them for drying of any kinds and varieties of sawn wood. The long practice of using found that the greatest economic efficiency in drying chamber gives for solid woods and lumber with large transverse dimensions.


Drying kiln BKS V6-10 is the type of drying chambers with hand loading of timber on the two trolleys. Package on the trolleys is formed by stacking layers of sawn timber with shelves that contain emitters. The layer timber - shelf with emitters. For boards to 25 mm thick can be laying boards in two layers using 1 cm bar.

After formatting of two packages of timber on trolleys, they put into the kiln. The connecting cables of shelves are plug in to the connectors, which are located on both sides of the doors inside the kiln.

The door closed as follows: the flange of door brings to the flange of drying apparatus, the vacuum pump switch on, press to the door and retained until created a vacuum inside the dryer. Additional pressing of door is not required. Mechanical locks are used only for transportation purposes.

Vacuum pump block connects to the kiln using a flexible hose. The standard length of the hose is designed for installation vacuum pump behind of kiln. If you need to install a pump to another place, the length of hose needed to specify in advance.

There is power-control unit with programmable drying process controller. Controller has the interface for the connection to PCs, which gives to you the possibility to lay the network cable and to control and regulate the process from the office. In the case of the presence of Internet connection, we can check and correct the work of controller from Estonia.

Technical data

Length mm 7460
Width mm 4150
Height mm 2860
The dimensions of the mounting platform m 18 × 3
Weight kg 12500
Voltage V 380
Maximum (installation) current А 120
Power consumption kW/h not more than 25
Vacuum kgs/cm2 0.4-0.8
Volume of load m3 6 – 10
The base price (for export) Euro Contract
(*)Cost shown on the conditions FOB Sillamäe.

Drying time depending on the initial humidity of lumber to 8%

thickness drying time
Conifers 25 mm 18-24 hours
Conifers 50 mm 36-50 hours
Soft hardwood 25 mm 18-24 hours
Soft hardwood 50 mm 36-50 hours
Solid hardwood 25 mm 24-48 hours
Solid hardwood 50 mm 48-96 hours
Drying time for timber up to 18% in about twice as fast as up to 8%.

Drying time depending on the initial humidity of lumber to 18%

thickness drying time
Beam 100 mm 48-72 hours
Beam 210 mm 48-96 hours

Cost of timber drying.

Of the many years of practical experience in the use dryers, we get the following average value: 0.7 - 0.8 kW per liter evaporated water from the wood.

If you want to know the cost of drying of one cubic meter, use our calculator.


  • Body size 7460 × 4150 × 2860 mm.
  • Two hand-moving trolleys size 6300 1100 mm
  • A set of shelves (30 pcs.) with emitters 6300 × 1100 × 60 mm
  • The control unit (mounted on the body).
  • Vacuum pump block
  • Sending way for the trolleys.


Dryer comes in "stand by» readiness to work. Starting in the work performed immediately after installation dryers at the place and connects the power cord.

The best position of installing the chamber - indoors. For install the kiln it is necessary a flat (preferably paved) place with size - 18 × 3 m. It is necessary to take into account the service area for loading/discharging boards.

The warranty on the product 2 years.

The warranty on used emitters 5 years.

Time of readiness - 3 months from the date of prepayment.

Payment: 75% advance, 25% payment for the willingness from the manufacturer prior shipment to the customer


  1. There is possible the adaptation of chamber for the version corresponding to the concrete demands of customer. For example, you can order the length of chamber for requirements along the length of the timber.
  2. On our standard chamber it is possible to dry the lumber with a thickness of from 20 mm. up to 150 mm. This is placed in the very principle of the construction of chamber.
  3. Therefore for the drying of lumber with a thickness of 200-250 mm on our standard chamber it is necessary to strengthen shelves with the emitters.
  4. For the loading/discharging the timbers you can use console crane carrying capacity of 1 t.

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