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BKS technology.

The BKS technology based on the operation of ICC emitters. Using the ICC emitters allows highly effectively evaporated water from the wood, evaporation process goes without unduly overheating the surface of wood, which can lead to cracking and deformation.

We have developed two different methods of use ICC emitters: in a vacuum, which enables to accelerate and improve the process of drying of wood, and without vacuum, for products where it is appropriate. Our continuous vacuum dryer kilns can be used at low and at high temperatures of drying - that allow the customer himself to choose the optimal mode of drying that required specifically for the conditions and material.

Preparing of optimal conditions drying process in the chamber accelerates the process of evaporation of water from the wood through the capillaries of its inner part to the external surface, from which water continuously removed until reaching the necessary humidity of wood. The gradient of humidity, which is necessary between the open air and the material, stored by capacitor, which regulated the humidity inside the drying chamber. Condensed water is removed from the kiln at the end of the drying process, before opening the door of drying chamber. For this purpose using a drainage pump installed on the kiln. Used results can store in memory of controller.

This technology most effectively applicable for drying big-size sawn timber, as well as solid and exotic woods, such as: birch, oak, beech, mahogany, eucalyptus, teak. Dried lumber is produced with high quality, low cost and in short time.

Especially effective use this kind of vacuum drying chambers in the place with humid tropical and subtropical climates. The kilns are produced in the performance of the climate on the technological requirements of the customer and can be installed on the inside as well as outdoors.

Thus we have the following advantages:

  • QUICKNESS OF DRYING (due to the drying process in a vacuum, without air and at low temperatures, which gives a very good indicator of humidity reduce drying of wood per hour).
  • PERFECT QUALITY (there are no cracks and no deformation; no change the color; low internal stresses in the dried material; a constant internal structure of dried material).
  • POSSIBILITY OF DRYING(heavy material with a maximal thickness and humidity, both in the form of semi-beam, and the cylindrical logs, as well, with a special manufacturing kilns, and usual logs).
  • LOW OPERATING COST(due to the low thermal losses, the rational use of thermal and electrical energy).
  • LOW SERVICE COST(from the simple and efficient manufacturing of the drying kilns; simple device control and automation, anti-corrosive materials).
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