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Oven BKS 400l

Oven for drying fruits, vegetables, pasta and other foods.

The volume of download - 400 liters. Download up to 50 kilograms of fresh product. It has high technical characteristics. Made in full compliance with euro standard for cooking equipment for this class. Quality and quick drying. For example: If you use oven for drying macaroni, speed of drying reduced at 5 times with very high quality of drying.

Drying vegetables and fruits

The described method of drying tested on various agricultural goods such as fresh carrots, dill, apples. Drying agricultural products was carried out in oven with usual heaters and in our oven with covered functional ceramic heaters.

Results of testing:

  • All test samples has high qualities (appearance, consistency of reduced product, smell, color, etc.). In all studied samples was found a little taste of dried product.
  • In all samples indicated the full preservation of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and carotene.
  • No changes concentrations of nitrates detected in the tested samples.

Industrial exploitation of this equipment showed:

  • - Reducing energy consumption per unit of the finished product - up to 5 times
  • - Reduction of temporary drying cycle up to 3 - 5 times, depending on the type of product
  • - Reducing the drying temperature at 10 – 55C
  • - Ease of operation
  • - Reducing operating costs per unit of finished product up to 10 times
  • - Good recovery

Technical data

Length mm 400
Width mm 600
Height mm 1400
The dimensions of the mounting platform m 1х1
Weight kg 45
Voltage V 380/220
Maximum (installation) current А 12
Power consumption kW/h not more than 4.5
Volume of download l/kg 400/24-50
The base price Euro Contract


  • Body with heaters
  • A set of shelves
  • The control unit (mounted on the body).


Oven comes in "stand by» readiness to work. Starting in the work performed immediately after installation oven at the place and connects the power cord.

The best position of installing the oven - indoors. For install the kiln it is necessary a flat (preferably paved) place with size - 1 × 1 м.

The warranty on the product 2 years.

The warranty on used emitters 5 years.

Time of readiness - 3 months from the date of prepayment.

Payment: 75% advance, 25% payment for the willingness from the manufacturer prior shipment to the customer

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