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Impulse Ceramic Converters (ICC).

Impulse ceramic converters (ICC) represent a new generation of electric elements. Primary source of infrared (IR) radiation is the usual nichrome spiral. The spiral is in a tube made of pure quartz glass, coated with a multilayer functional ceramic coating.

This coverage provides transformation of full range of IC radiations from the heating element in radiation of a very narrow range near the area of the IR spectrum. This radiation is not in a continuous mode, and comes in the form of a series of pulses with duration 10 - 3000 microseconds. The density of the radiation energy in the impulse is 120 - 350 W/cm2.

The effect of impulse transformation associated with cyclic energy transformations occurring in the system. A distinctive feature of the system is the existence of ions D variable valences, the majority has semiconductor properties and forms of spectral peak pulse width.

Because the system has a certain energy potential, in moment of passage an electric current the system absorbs energy of the entire infrared spectrum, using it to enhance its electronic structure and increase of its original energy status. When the system achieves the level of energy barrier (saturation), system overcomes its and occurs the release the pulsed energy, after which the system is returned to its original energy state. The level of emitted energy corresponds with the infrared range. The width of the spectral peak of this momentum is at the level 1 - 2.5% from the radiated wavelength. It ensures high efficiency of process.

In other words, the functional ceramic coating works as sort of adjustable on length of the radiation wave (depending on the quantity of this or that stabilizing additives), as the laser. Absorbs thermal radiation in the infrared range, ceramics accumulates it, converts, and then impulse "shoots" the narrow-band radiation in the desired area of spectrum. In this cases wavelength from infrared radiation varies in the range of 1.7 - 58 microns. The unique properties obtained in a manner IR radiation is the possibility of very accurate electoral (selective) impact directly on the molecular connections in any substances and different aggregate states, because in the spectral range have been used the frequency of oscillation of all interatomic and intermolecular contacts in the molecules and molecular complexes. So thanks to the high penetrating ability of a modulated infrared radiation sufficient power with the corresponding length of wave organic and bio-organic molecules dissociated, micro-organisms, spores, fungi, as well as viruses are destroyed and destroyed. At that speed of heat transfer, using the emitters on the basis of functional ceramics are more than 30 times higher than for any other type of heaters.

The effect of the full conversion of the IR spectrum in effective impulse IR radiation spectrum narrow range - is a private demonstration of the effect of infrared laser.

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